Used in Mining operations,  mineral processing,  bulk loading and unloading terminals, in-pit and underground operations.

  • Generally used ahead of a primary crusher and where material is too sticky for other types of feeder/scalpers to function efficiently

How does it work?

Mine or quarry-run material is dumped on the elliptical bars. As the bars turn, fines, mud or dirt drop through the openings. Oversize or unwanted waste materials move forward in a rocking / roller motion. The opening between the bars remains constant as the bars rotate. Ribs on the bars reduce the amount of large elongated pieces of material from passing through.



  • Incredibly reliable material handling unit designed primarily to handle wet, sticky materials where a separation is required
  • Jog reverse function if jamming should occur
  • Variable speed drives
  • Automatic lubrication system


  • Handles wet/sticky material without blinding or trapping material
  • Easily handles large, frozen or cohesive material
  • Controlled feed rate
  • Requires less headroom and thus less structure
  • Feeds at a uniform rate - even when wet
  • Does not generate dust, vibration or loud noise
  • Eliminates intermediate transfer point (from feeder to screen)
  • Requires less power and low maintenance

Materials handled:

Bauxite, clay, coral limestone, diorite copper ore, dolerite, friable clay, gold ore, granite, gypsum, ilmenite, interstitial clay, iron ore, kaolin, laterite ore, limestone, marble, marl, medium hard copper, nickel ore, pea and rice rock, quarried basalt, sandstone, Selma chalk, silica, slag, soft shale, titanium chips, wet clay type shale


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