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We provide bulk materials handling equipment to receive, handle and ship your materials and products

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GRIP provides equipment such as railcar movers, conveyors, bucket elevators, belt scales, feeders, storage silos, flow aids and dust collection devices for your transfer facility or process plant.

Understanding methods to convey, store, process and ship raw materials and finished products requires a depth of understanding that only comes with decades of experience. 

GRIP has over 40 years of project development and equipment supply to draw from. From the moment you contact us we are trying to put ourselves in your place. In other words, if we were you, how would we want to be treated. What would be most helpful and advantageous for your operation?

Businesses rely on a strong team of suppliers and after-sales support to keep their equipment working and up to date. GRIP believes that the best way to develop a strong customer base is to be a strong support for all our customers.


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