In an ideal world, materials would all "free flow" out of storage silos. For those materials that actually do free flow, we offer welded and bolted storage silos with cone bottoms, pantlegs or specially designed discharge outlets.



Welded silos are easily erected by crane on site. Sometimes a crane is not readily available.

Sometimes a  bolted silo is required due to the large size or difficulty to erect a silo within an existing plant footprint. 

In addition, shipping costs may be greatly reduced with the use of bolted panels which are assembled on site. A unique method of assembling the panels in rings at grade level and jacking them up, one ring of panels at a time, eliminates scaffolding and assures safety of installation personnel. Roof panels and ancillary equipment such as dust collectors can be pre-mounted at the beginning.


Cone bottom storage silos can have a steep slope to allow gravity flow.  However, as not all materials will flow freely, a mechanical discharger or reclaimer may be needed.  The photo above shows a Laidig Cone-Bottom underpile reclaimer which fits neatly inside the cone. The reclaim auger rotates and revolves around the bottom of the cone, ensuring a constant, metered flow in all situations.  All maintenance points are outside of the storage silo.




Discharge methods must be selected based on material and application.  Materials also behave in different environments depending on site elevation, ambient temperatures and moisture. Aeration discs and vibrating dischargers may be adequate.  However sometimes a material is resistant to flow and requires a very positive method of discharging.  For these materials we often recommend a Laidig mechanical reclaimer which is available in cone bottom and flat bottom configurations.  They can be installed in the base of silos or domes or under open stockpiles for automated reclaim without any personnel entry requirements.


Laidig Systems www.laidig.com offers complete bulk materials handling systems, storage silos, domes and unloading systems to ensure your material is stored safely and available to your process or load-out system.

Laidig reclaim systems provide solutions to problems that include:

  • First-In-First-Out (FIFO) Inventory Control
  • Elimination of Bridging and Rat-Holing
  • Controlling product infestation
  • Controlling product contamination
  • Providing “Near-Total” cleanout
  • Providing “Zero entry” for easy service access and operator safety

Each reclaim system is customized specifically to meet the needs and requirements of the product being handled. Laidig offers FULLY AUTOMATED bulk storage and reclaim systems for cone bottom and flat bottom silos.


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