Shakermann Custom flow single and multi screen decks
  • Mild steel welded construction
  • Fully stressed analyzed in Solid Works 3D CAD
  • ShakerMann Sturdy Structure with minimal bolting points
  • Plate steel pans
  • Hanger assemblies complete U-joints
  • Hinged in-feed and distribution chutes for door-like access
  • Chutes customized for the customer’s application, with AR options
  • Centre drive unit for consistent motion
  • Timken maintenance-free high temperature drive bearing
  • 3 year main drive bearing warranty
Stainless steel woven wire screens
  • Full steel frame for long-term durability
  • ShakerMann’s Unibody construction for ease of removal and zero leakage
  • Ball-decks silicone ball self cleaning mechanism, a time tested concept
  • 300F max temperature silicone
  • Hinge/Hook system to slide screens in/out when needed



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